UDT and OPC Path

I am trying to use a parameter (path) to reference an OPC item in a UDT.
The issue is that the path from the OPC server contains: {0,29}:
Actual OPC item path: CS.B53_CELLS.1120WIR0.Description{0,29}
Parameterized Path: {Path}.Description{0,29}

which then gives an error:

Any thought how to overcome this? greatly appreciated.

Have you tried without the end bit {0,29}? Do you need this?

Yes I tried and got nothing!

This {0,29} is part of the item name and it appears in other items e.g. TagName{0,13}

Strange… what’s the end device? I imagine that could interfere with IA’s feature of using the curly braces to provide parameterisation

The conversion did not work.
Also, I tried to bind the path to the OPC item directly and it works but when I try to use a parameter {FMS_Path} it fails:

any thoughts?