UDT and OPC Scan Classes


I was reviewing one of my earlier builds and saw something that I wasn’t quite sure of:
I have UDT’s, but because of the equipment I decided to use derived tags in a folder structure, and in that structure is the OPC tag (or memory if there is no “real” tag to grab)

The UDT tag has a scan class and the OPC tag has a scan class

Does one override the other?

If the UDT sits on the screen and is Leased at say 2000ms, when it goes to pull the information from the derived path (OPC) if that OPC is Leased at 15000ms, what will the effect be?

As I am reviewing this I see that some of them are different from each other, so I am wondering if i need to do a detailed sweep and change to make the same, consequentially I am having comms issues steaming from a poor radio network, but it might just be a case of the items getting polled to quickly.


I would not expect a derived tag to override the OPC tag’s scan class, whether in a UDT or not.