UDT and Templates

On the first page of a project I am attempting to drag a EDT tag from the SQLTags Browser and put down a template. Unfortunately I am getting a ‘no matches found’ message. I went back to the manual and as far as I can tell everything matches up in the Custom Properties Template Parameters.

Hi rad,

Here are some things to check:

  1. You created an instance of your UDT type and are dragging your instance to a window in the designer? If you are instead trying to drag your UDT type to a window then you will get the message, “No Matches Found”. Make sure you create a new instance of your UDT by creating a new tag and choosing Data Type Instance.

  2. You created a template parameter on a template that has your UDT type? And you have checked the “Drop Target” field in the template parameter configuration?

Nick Mudge