UDT configurations break on Import

We’re experiencing issues trying to use UDT’s with parameterized or linked property settings. The issue we’re seeing is we can configure up a UDT with parameters/links fine. But as soon as we export/import it to another gateway (from our dev to production gateway) parts of the configuration will break. It seems to not happen to all properties, just certain types. The OPC server, OPC address properties seem to work fine with parameters (if these didn’t work we would have been dead in the water a while ago), but when we try to parameterize history collection (deadband, enable/disable) it breaks.

I also recently tried to set up a binding from the Alarm Eval property on a tag to another tag in the UDT (ie I’m trying to set up a unit based alarm enable/disable, so I have an alarm tag (OPC) in the UDT and then an alarm enable tag (a boolean reference tag to a shared enable/disable tag)). This worked fine when I initially created it, but after export/import, it broke.

Just curious if anyone else is seeing stuff like this out there. UDT configurations that work fine until exported/imported, but then break.

The way they break is the tag which has properties bound will give an Uncertain_InitialValue bad status.

We have engaged support on this, they can reproduce it, but not sure how widespread it is, so wanted to see what the forums indicate.

We’re observing this on version 8.0.7

Also, sometimes the issue does not show up until you restart the tag instances. Especially after the UDT import, instances may work fine, but then as soon as you restart the tag instances, that’s when the bad status will appear.

Update - from Inductive support - using tag references in UDT properties is not supported. I may have been mistaken that mine was working properly. Had copied an example I found in another thread on the forums, but I think I was looking in the wrong place when i verified the link was working.

Anyway, the issue with parameters in UDT’s still applies. If anyone has any tips or tricks for trying to solve that, or for what we might be doing wrong in our config, any info is appreciated.