UDT creation from simple tags already addressed and created in ignition 7.8

Well I will comment on my problem … I have a folder with the tags to use, they are already grouped and addressed, but I need those same tags as UDT

at the time of grouping them and using the function of creating data types from the selected … it only allows to create as a new instance … being that I need to create them as UDT.

as the tags are already addressed to create a template with the data types … the addressing data is lost and I have to re-address each tag within the created UDT

I’m not sure what the problem or question is? Creating a udt from tags will keep the tag intact complete with their existing opcitempaths. It’s up to you to make them dynamic using UDT parameters

Hi how are you? Would you have an email address that I can write to and explain my problem in more detail?

You can always private message me on here