UDT data type parameters import

Is there a way to create multiple instances of user defined data types by importing a .csv or other file that contains the tag instances and the values for the data type parameters? I want to create many tag instances without having to type in the values for the data type parameters individually.

Yes, first create a single instance of the UDT. Once created select it and press the button in the SQLTags browser to export it to a CSV file. Once there copy and paste the two lines to make multiple tags changing the param name and tag name. Save the file and import it back in.

NOTE Just export a single tag not the entire tags folder.

OK thanks, that worked. Not sure but I think there may be a minor bug… I tried this solution originally, on a tag instance that was created from a UDT, and then added the data type parameter to the UDT (sequence: created UDT (no paramters), created tag instance, modified UDT (added data type paramter). When I exported the tag instance, the parameter was not included in the export and so I assumed this process does not work for UDT’s. Creating a UDT with all parameters upfront and exporting from tag instances seems to work properly.