UDT definition: Lockable? Reusable?

Can the definition of a UDT be locked, so that it cannot be changed or deleted?

Can the definition of a UDT be exported, so that it can be imported for use on a new application?

I looked for the answers in the user manual; apologies if I missed them.


I don’t think that you can lock the structure but you should be able to export your UDT by right clicking on it and select the “Export” menu. It’ll export your UDT as an XML file, re-usable for another application.

Yes, I see the Export Tags option on the right-click menu.
I wouldn’t have tried it, if you hadn’t said I should. I never thought of a UDT definition as a tag.

There is a page in the manual about exporting tags, but it doesn’t mention that the UDT definition can be exported.

Anyway, it works, and that’s a big help for our intended use.