UDT deletes standard tags after Gateway Restart

Hello, We have v8.1.17, I've been programming since v7.8 on the same server in 2018. Two weeks ago I made some UDTs for a new process I'm running. The UDT was working fine on several machines. Last Monday, I found that a few tags were missing from the UDT which broke the logic. It wasn't a problem, I added them back. Today when I came in, those same three tags were missing after the restart. Its the strangest thing, I've never had a UDT change itself before on this system. These tags are very basic. Any idea why they keep dropping?

I'm losing currentTime, cycleLast and cycleSecondsCurrent. Nothing else goes missing but these three.

Have you looked through your wrapper log yet? I'd check around the time you added them back (to see if that threw errors) and shortly after restart (to see if they saved but didn't restore).

It looks like the wrapper had cleared from a couple of dead machines spamming logs. I deleted them out so the log will be cleaner the next round.

The three that were disappearing, I ended up naming them '_old' and writing in new ones with the same coded and name as the original. This morning, after a weekend power cycle, all the '_old' disappeared but the new ones persisted. Its as if the issue was copy and pasting in the three tags put them in a RAM state and were lost after a power cycle. Got to be some kind of bug in the version I'm running. Its all good now.