UDT Error_Configuration

Having an odd issue with UDT instances.
I have the same OPC item path for the parameter driven UDT instance and for the hard coded instance however the udt parameter shows quality “Error_Configuration”
“ns=1;s=[CableLine_0]Rcp_Ext_Temp_Z1.Max” is the hard coded instance and it works.
“ns=1;s=[CableLine_0]Rcp_Ext_Temp_Z1.max” is the parameter driven instance and it has Error_Config
“ns=1;s={prod_Unit}{recipe_Parameter}.max” is the udt path.

also interestingly i can get the tag to read properly by overriding the UDT instance and inserting the hardcoded path. then switch back to the parameter driven path, all with the UDT OPC item path overridden. but once it is no longer override it goes back to error_config even though the path is unchanged at this point.

Hi @wschauer What version are you seeing this on?

Hi, this was on the latest 8.05. The issue has since been resolved however i am still not sure exactly what was going on. I ended up deleting the UDT instance and rebuilding.

Glad to hear its resolved but if you come across this issue again please let us know!

Your paths show differences in Capitalization. I’ve found this to have an impact on path functionality with AB tags.

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