UDT Expression Reference Error

Using the Insert Tag button on an expression tag from within a UDT to insert a tag from the UDT causes a REFERENCE_NOT_FOUND error using Ignition 7.6.2-rc4.

The inserted reference {[~]BP1/Switch/RemoteAuto} does not work, I manually changed the reference to how it looked in older versions of Ignition and this works {[.]…/Switch/RemoteAuto}.


What is the structure of the udt? I tried a few different scenarios, but couldn’t get it to give me the “[~]” root. I happen to be running rc5, so maybe it’s already been fixed, but I could also simply be missing some nuance in the structure of the tags or something.


I did some playing around, and it seems that it only affects UDT datatypes that were created prior to version 7.6.2. Running 7.6.2-rc5, if I create a new UDT datatype and tag I don’t get the problem, if I am using a UDT datatype created before 7.6.2 then I have the problem.

FYI, this issue is still alive and well in 7.8.2

I have a UDT with an expression tag that I needed to override.
I had to use this:
instead of:

TCV105107 is the name of my UDT instance.

When using “Insert Tag” to build my expression, it puts in the “~”, when it should be using the “.”