UDT Implementation Question

This is my first time using UDTs, and I’m a little confused on how to implement them to work for my use case. I currently have a test UDT setup that tracks user information for a certain operation. There is one client screen that will be used at every employee station. Sometimes the employee will need to move to a new station and their production info should move with them. My UDT structure is like so

UserName (udt instance name)

The client display uses the [Client]username tag to create the indirect tag binding. Where ever they login the client displays their individual tags. The part I am having trouble wrapping my head around is the manager’s dashboard. The dashboard will have a layout of all the employee stations. Each station is identified uniquely ie Station 1, Station 2, etc. The layout would show the efficiency tag of whoever is logged in at that station, then if you click on a station it would bring up a detailed version.

I’m unsure if I should have my udt nested in another udt of station Ids to complete the indirect bindings on the dashboard. Thanks.

All too often…post a question only to realize a simple solution afterwords. I got what I needed with a custom property running a named query.