UDT Import kills overrides

Just had issue today that I thought was fixed a while back but showed in different scenario this time. What I did was export a single UDT from project make couple of changes to it and then import back into project. Doing this killed all of the overrides we had in place in the tags that were associated with this UDT. This is different issue than I have seen before where it just didn’t reimport the overrides with the tags when they were exported.

Has anyone else seen this?

Running 7.5.6 right now.

Update I was able to get back from this but could bite someone else.

Luckily I had exported the tags that were associated with the UDT first. So once I imported them back in all of the overrides were back. I am guessing this is not the way it should have to be done but it works for now.

Ok good. I have added a ticket in for that bug.


This appears to be caused by the csv creating a new definition for the UDT, instead of updating the previous. We will get it fixed for 7.5.7. However, I just wanted to note, in case anyone DOES run into this problem and doesn’t have a backup, the actual data doesn’t seem to be lost in the internal db, just mis-aligned. So, it should be possible for us to recover the override data if necessary.