UDT Improvements

  1. When creating a new UDT SQLTag sort the Data Type Instance list in alphabetical order

  2. When editing an existing UDT, the members inside a folder don’t sort alphabetically. They can be shown in a different order than what they are shown in the SQLTags Browser. Notice the order of the tags in the Switch and Valve folders.

  3. A UDT Memory Tag can reference a UDT Parameter if that Memory Tag is a string. It would be nice if the parameter selection list came up as it does in the OPC Item Path if the Memory Tag was a string.

  4. When I first started playing with UDTs I was looking for the best way to handle members of a UDT that didn’t have an actual OPC tag, I found the best way was to just edit that UDT Tag and set the unused member’s Enable value to No. But when I first started playing around with UDTs I tried just deleting the unused member from the SQLTags Browser, that didn’t cause a problem, when I tried putting that deleted member back, that caused a problem. It faulted all the SQLTags and I ended up having to restart the Gateway to get everything back up and running. So, it might be nice to add something into the Designer to prevent this from happening. Maybe if you try to delete a member of a UDT, pop up a message stating that doing so will break the UDT, and if the user does continue to delete the member maybe convert the UTD and it’s members to regular SQLTags.

P.S. - UDTs are a great addition to Ignition!!!

Also would be great if you can cut and paste the tags from folders to folders within the Data Type Structure. This would be beneficial for rearranging the tag structure when converting pre-UDT folders. I guess you could dump it and edit the tags in the csv.

Thanks for all of the feedback. All of those should be fairly easy to incorporate soon.