UDT indirect Tag problem


I have a strange problem:

I have a UDT with several instances (Pump1, pump2 pump3,…)
In a screen I have a Dropdown list which is filled with a list of pumps (TagPath-Name) like this

StringValue       Label
===========       ====
Tag/Path/Pump1    Pump One
Tag/Path/Pump2    Pump Two
Tag/Path/Pump3    Pump Three

And then, I have a Dynamic Property (named MyPump) in RootContainer of type UDT “Pump”
this property has an indirect tag binding like this:
Indirect Tag Path: {1}
References: Ref#:1 PropPath: RootContainer.MyDropDownList.selectedStringValue

Finally, just to make sure all the bindings are OK I have a label which displays the name of the selected pump: Text=MyPump.Name.

Well, my problem is that in the Ignition designer everything works perfectly: As soon as I select a pump in the DropDown List, I can see the name is updated in the label. But in the Runtime app the label never changes, somehow the property “MyPump” doesn’t change

Any Ideas?

Is Name a member of the UDT? Or are you referring the to meta TagName? If you bind to another value in the UDT on a different component does it work?

Hi Travis,

Yes, “Name” is a member (Memory Tag) in my UDT, (it’s not the meta TagName).
Another member in the UDT is Level, and if I bind it to another label it doesn’t work.

I mean, It works but only in the Designer but not in the Runtime. I noticed that the Pump Variable in the RootContainer gets stuck with the last instance at the time I saved the project.


I must be missing something… I mocked up exactly what you described and it worked fine for me. Bind another label to the dropdown’s selected string value to make sure that it’s changing. Also look in the client’s logs for anything unusual.

Thank you Carl,

For now I changed my window to use “classic” indirect tag bindings. But I’ll make a small window and send it for you to see.

Thank you!