UDT Indirection Anomaly

Today one of my templates stopped writing to Kepware OPC server through a UDT instance (7.8). I thought it was my code, but it isn’t.

I have a UDT with four instances and am using indirection into a template.
Using a button action I write to the template parameter UDT instance component property.
The component property does get written but the value never makes it to the OPC server.

Reading the UDT instances still works fine.
Writing system.tag.write to the UDT instances works fine.
Writing to other UDT types works fine using indirection.

I have rebooted both Kepware OPC and Ignition servers.
I have gone through the System Console and turned different loggers to ALL. I did not see anything odd.
I have recreated the UDT, instances, simple template, and window to no avail.

Any suggestions?

Thanks, Chris

Oh god… bidirectional was set to false on the indirection.