UDT instance creation from SQL table rows

What is the best way to automatically create UDT instances for every row in a given table?
Essentially I want to have a UDT tag group that mirrors a SQL table where each UDT has elements corresponding to the column names of the table.

I know its possible through scripting to take take in the dataset with a prep query but seems like there may be a simpler more elegant solution that im missing.

Please provide some context–what exactly are you trying to do? What part(s) of Ignition will be consuming this data?

The plan is to have some containers on a vision window be filled with this data. We are re-creating a board with magnetic tiles that we use to schedule production in ignition.
We have a sql table which is populated with all open work orders and I am trying to bring each row into a container for use on the vision window. Each row in the table consists of product #, Issue Date… Then users would be able to re-arrange the tiles in depending on work flow on the production floor.