UDT instances, displaying 'null' values on memory & expression tags

Hey, Currently I have UDTs that have 3 OPC tags bringing in values, and also has several expression tags that run some calcs then places the results in the memory tags. I currently have several instances that are using this UDT. The issue i’m having is that if i make a change to the UDT (edit expression, edit tag event, new memory tag, enable history) the instances refreshes, and some of these values for the Memory or expression tags stay as value ‘null’. I’ll then have to edit the instance’s memory tag value to ‘0’. I do this because i’ll notice the calcs aren’t running, and after troubleshooting and setting the ‘null’ values to ‘0’, they start to work. In the UDT i already have the value set to ‘0’ in the general properties, so i’m not sure why ‘null’ is being shown after the instance refreshes. Any idea what would be happening?

This is fixed in Ignition 7.9.8+.