UDT issues I'm having on b2019032202 build

I’ll try to explain these issues as best I can. I can provide backups and even access to the system (it’s on AWS cloud server). Just PM me.

Edited this post to clarify based on some things I figured out.

I created a UDT that has a series of expression-driven sub-tags, alarms, etc. I was a few builds behind on the daily updates because I didn’t want to push out a newer build until after doing a demo we did yesterday.

I installed the b2019032202 build this morning and began trying to reproduce some UDT bugs from the build I was on before.

One bug was that a the expressions on an instance of a UDT would break if you renamed the tag (still happening. I had to confirm on latest build before reporting). You have to get the name of your UDT tag right before you bind anything or it breaks your expressions. You can fix this issue by restarting the tag.

Next bug has to do with historical logging on tags. I was having this problem which is believed to be fixed in the 3/21 bulid:

It isn’t fixed for me yet. One thing I can add is that I added historical logging to my UDT after I had created a lot of instances of the UDT. Hopefully that helps shed some light on what’s going on. I have tried restarting the tags that are instances of the UDT which apparently fixed the problem for others. I have also tried creating new instances and rebooting. The instances show that they are doing historical logging (have the historical logging arrow icon) but I don’t see any data in my database.

All of my subtags in my UDT are driven by expressions. The reason for this is that I’m getting data from another integrator’s system and I needed to put that data in a format that plays well with my templates. I created a UDT and used an expression to put the values from their tags in a structure for my templates. Expressions on the UDT are used to flag animations on the template when values exceed certain ranges. Those are the expressions that break if you rename the tag.

I’ll keep poking and see if I can figure out any details to the root cause. I’ll add any new discoveries to this thread if I find some.

I forgot to update my designer launcher.

I rebooted the server. Updated my designer launcher. Thing are working much better

The corrupted tag is good again. I renamed it to remove the underscore and the expressions broke, so that bug is still happening. That gets fixed if I restart the tag.

I think it would be good to make UDT tags restart automatically when you rename them.

I am still not getting any historical logging but the tags say they are set up for historical logging. I’m going to edit my original post to reduce text to describe issues caused by my running the older designer launcher.