UDT issues with Templates

Hi Guys,

Ignition 8.1.21, Vision module.

Two part question:

  1. When I create a new UDT tag one of my UDT has a different icon to the rest. What does this icon (see red arrow) mean?

  2. About 12+ months I made this demo project and it was all working. However now when I view it all of the template instances that I created using that UDT tag with the funny icon as a drop target are all in error:

In the details it goes on to say "IllegalArgumentException: Cannot set UDT property "Meta/TagPath", it doesn't exist."

I have other templates that work just fine with their UDTs but they don't have the weird icon.
Also I have noticed that if I try to drop an instance of that funny UDT on a display the template no longer shows as an option. I have double checked that the UDT is selected as a drop target under the custom properties.

Template with UDT selected as drop target:

UDT instance showing no option for template when dropped:

I suspect its something to do with why the UDT has a weird icon but I cant work out what it means. There is no reference to the icon here:

I can confirm the projects Default Tag Provider is "default", both the tag instance and UDTs are from this source.

Any ideas?

  1. Did you assign a color to the UDT definition?

  2. Is there anywhere in your template that you were writing to a property called Meta/TagPath?

Thanks Obober for the response.

For question 1: No there is no binding on the "Type Color" property. I also pressed the "reset color" icon circled in your image. The color value is now "5C7080" which matched my other working UDT definitions.

For question 2: This is hard to say, as most of the bindings are still there but do not show any linked property. Most of my bindings are referencing the templates custom property "DATA" which is of type "SLD/SWITCH-STATION". However when I go to view these bindings it does not show any linked property but the object has the binding icon. See the text property below opens up the property window but there is nothing highlighted. The "DATA" UDTproperty should be able to be expanded but it cant be for some reason. I suspect this is why nothing is highlighted.

Just to close the loop here in case anyone else has this issue.

I was able to "fix" this issue by:

  1. Exporting my UDT tags and my tags
  2. Deleting the UDT and tags from my project
  3. Importing the UDT tags again
  4. Then importing my tags again

As to what caused this issue in the first place I am not sure. At some point I must have done something that cause the UDT instances to lose association with the base UDT type. Re-importing the tags (UDT first) fixed this.

I could have just done this for the specific tags and UDT affected but its not a production machine so I did the lot.