UDT Leased Tags


I’m working on a project where we’re using lots of UDTs and templates for devices on the screen. All of our templates look at about 3 or 4 tags per UDT and the rest of the tags inside our UDTs are shown on popups (about 10-15). Currently we have all tags that are used in templates and plant mimic screens on real-time scan classes to avoid re-subscribing scan classes when screens are changed. The rest of the tags for popups are in a leased scan class.

We’re having problems when someone changes to a busy screen where all devices on the screen flash red and slowly resubscribe. I checked my scan classes and saw that the number of tags being leased is much higher than I would expect them to be. Are all tags in a UDT leased when a template is shown on a screen or only the tags that are being used by that template?