UDT Members order in UDT Definition Editor

Ignition v8.1.1, Windows 10 Pro.

When you are looking at the UDT in the Tag Browser, the members order is like it should be: first Folders in alphabetical order and then members in alphabetical order.
But when you are editing the UDT in the UDT Definition Editor, the member’s order is not like in the Tag Browser. The members and folders are mixed, depends on alphabetical order. It is super hard to distinguish between folder and member, it’s confusing and requires extra effort when editing UDTs.

Please, IA, make the order in the UDT Editor the same as in Tag Browser…


Same for selecting a new parent udt type… That’s horrible as the list of udts isn’t alphabetical. I don’t even know what order it’s in, but it’s impossible to find the UDT you’re looking for without going through the whole list until you find it :neutral_face:

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And also for selecting Tag Group… either in Tag editor or in UDT editor, the Tag group list is not alphabetical.

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