UDT Meta data

  1. Can you implement it so that a UDT’s Meta data (TagPath, TagName) is available from the tag itself? For instance if I create a template and add a dynamic property for a UDT the meta data is available there, but there doesn’t seem to be a way to reference the meta data of an actual UDT tag itself.

  2. Can you add a final forward slash to the end of the TagPath variable for consistency. If I create a UDT called Tank and create a UDT tag called MyTank, the TagPath is MyTank where for consistency it should be MyTank/. I’m saying for consistency because in the SQLTags database the tag path has a final forward slash.

  3. The TagName property references the name of the UDT data type, perhaps a better name for this property would be DataType or UDTDataType?