UDT Parameter as reference to another parameter of same UDT


In the attached pic is the tag structure of my UDT. We are receiving these values from AB PLC like Engg Unit and Engg limits. Hence I have created these as a member inside UDT.

Thing is now I want to use these received parameters inside my UDT.
e.g., I want my SP_HH to use OUT_HIGH and OUT_LOW as its Engg Limits and use EU as its Engg units.
However when I refer these member as {OUT_HIGH} at the place of Engg High Limit of SP_HH, I don’t recive that value there. Same happnes with EU, it says null value.

I tried writing like {[.]EU} then using tag({parentFolderPath} + “/EU.value”) but nothing worked.

Please assist.