UDT parameter Data Types limited

In creating a UDT, I noticed the parameters can only have data types of Integer, Double and String.

The system I am rebuilding in Ignition 8 uses UDTs that have boolean, Int4, float4 and float8 data types.

Is this just not yet implemented? I’m using version: 8.0.0-beta0 (b2018110615)

I spoke to Mike in person, but wanted to provide an explanation in the forum just in case someone else has a similar question.

The missing data types were due to a misunderstanding of how to add member tags to a UDT. In 8.0, adding members to a UDT is a bit different than in 7.9. UDT members are now created in the Tag Browser itself rather than in the Tag Editor. We will be adding functionality to be able to edit the functionality in the Tag Editor in the future, but it is not there yet.