UDT parameter Index not counting up


I am having an weird issue while using the “multi-instance wizard” i created a parameter called “Index” in my UDT which starts at 0, however in the wizard the index does not count up all the instance are stuck at 0. but i have an older backup of the same project and it works perfectly fine in that one. did i screw something up here?

any help would be helpful.


Hi @gijovarghese8,

Before I go any further, I noticed you have “Core Cert” listed in your example. Please be advised that you are not allowed to ask any questions here related to certification (it may result in your certification being denied or removed). Any queries need to be directed towards IA. To quote:

You can only utilize the Ignition user manual, Inductive University, or training@inductiveautomation.com email for help with the test. You CANNOT receive any help from the IA Tech Support group on the test.
Collaboration with other participants taking the test is strictly prohibited: participants that share work or otherwise collaborate will immediately fail, with no chance to retake the test.

If it is not related to certification then I’m more than happy to assist further :slight_smile: