UDT Parameters in OPC tags

Ignition Version 8.1.17

Can someone tell me how using UDT parameters in fields OPC Server and OPC item path will affect tag performance?

I don't think you can use it for OPC Server.

It shouldn't have any affect though. They aren't expression bindings, they are evaluated once when the tag is initialized, not continuously in reaction to some change.

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UDTs would be utterly useless if you couldn't use them inside of the opcitempath - that's literally the place they're used most often

Yes, use the parameters to make UDTs really useful. And you can use them for server--we set it as a parameter on all of our UDTs and use it on all the OPC tag members within them:

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Nice, my memory is unreliable. Maybe at some point in the past it wasn't possible?

How long have UDTs been part of the platform?

/me runs away...

Wasn't the server only a dropdown and not bindable before 8.x?

It was a dropdown, but you could also type what you wanted in it. (I just opened a VM to check.)