UDT Performance with Multiple Folders?

Can anyone tell me if there is a performance hit in Ignition if a UDT has many Folders contained in the structure? :smiley:


In regards to the performance of tag execution, memory used, etc., I would say that no, there isn’t much of a difference.

The one main situation where UDTs are less efficient is when it comes to binding. A dynamic property (on a component, window, etc) with a complex type currently has to subscribe to all of the type’s members. With a big UDT, this can be quite a bit of overhead. Until we make this better, if you have big UDTs, it’s usually better to bind to them differently, such as using indirect binding. With this method, instead of passing around the data type instance, you’re passing its path, and then sub components use indirect binding with that path in order to get to what they want.

I hope this is clear, I realize that if you haven’t used the vision module much this might make no sense at all, but we can go from here. :slight_smile: