UDT Search & Replace / Import Bug?

I have UDTs created that will be used for a variety of OPC tags that need to have parameters in the OPC tag path. I created a type by manually dragging the tag from the OPC server, to create the structure, into the Data Types, but it has specific parameters in place since it was already created. I am trying to place four parameters I need to pass through to it in the tag path by using search and replace, but every time I tried using that, it says it successfully replaces them, but nothing happens (this could be a bug in itself).

So once that didn’t work I exported the UDT and used a find and replace in the json file in a text editor, then saved it, and imported the UDT back and the parameters are in place in the OPC path. However, when I create a new instance of the UDT, and put the parameters in, the OPC path includes {“parameter”} instead of filling it in with the defined value.

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