UDT Tag Engineer unit translation

Is there a way that we can use expression translate or system.util.translate into the engineering unit of a UDT tag?

Translations happen on the client, while tags configs are located in the server.

So you should translate it where you use it. Probably with the translate expression or the system.util.translate function.

Not entirely accurate, as of an early 8.0 version; you can use translate in expressions/system.util.translate() in gateway scope; you’ll just need to provide a locale yourself or be in a calling scope (ie, Perspective) that can provide its own locale.

But, the general point is still absolutely correct; keep the tag information ‘generic’ - either use a key marking your translation, or the value in your base language, and only attempt to translate on display of values.

Hmm, I hadn’t noticed that change yet. I guess it certainly comes in handy from time to time to translate on the server.

Thanks, I found a good way to do it.