UDT Tag History Provider

Would I be correct in the assuming that an instance of UDT cannot use a different Tag History Provider than the one defined in the UDT?

We have lots of different “areas” in the plant that need to log hundreds of tags data to different databases, does this mean I would have to create a duplicate UDT with a different History provider for each database/area?

According to the documentation you can only parameterize a few things on a UDT, seems a bit of a limitation. I ran into something similar with the min/max Engineering limits, as far as I can see you cannot specify different min/max for instances either…

Perhaps I would be better with transaction manager for histroical data? perhaps there is some wizardry I am unaware of, I am pretty new to Ignition.

There is an override button next to the History Provider on each instance. If you want an instance of the UDT to use a different provider, you can click the button next to those settings to override it to another provider.

This should allow you to change the provider with still using the same DataType and most of the settings.

Oh my god, I completley missed that. Thanks! In my defense it’s a pretty inconspicuous button to say the least.

No worries. I agree, it doesn’t really specify what it does outside of training, and otherwise have to be brave enough to push the random button haha