UDT Tag Instance Atomic Tag, datatype read

Hi All,

Does any one know how to read the datatype of an AtomicTag. Which is a Tag inside a UDT instance.

I tried using system.tag.getConfiguration, but it does not get the datatype of an AtomicTag under a UDT Instance.

Thanks in advace.


You will see a dataType key in the output from system.tag.getConfiguration() if the data type of that AtomicTag has been overridden from the default. In the event it is absent from the payload, infer the Int4 datatype.

I think you can just read it directly with system.tag.readBlocking using a tag path like [prov]Path/To/Tag.dataType.


Thanks Kcollins1 and Kevin for your responses, It did helped me for my requirement.

You were right I was overwriting the default datatype than the parent UDT.