UDT Tags dataset to be converted to pyDataSet issue

We have a custom UDT in Ignition in which one of the components is Tags with is 2R x 2C dataset as seen in the pictures below. I am trying to convert this dataset to PyDataSet under IsAvailable Component Scripting. Unfortunately when I try to convert the dataset to PyDataSet it only return 1R x 2C. I don’t think it should be that difficult but I am dumb founded as I spent almost all day and I can’t convert it from dataset to PyDataSet.

Ignition Tag Custom UDT

Tags Dataset (type string)

I am using the following syntax to convert the dataset to PyDataSet and I have also enclosed it in the pictures below
myList = system.dataset.toPyDataSet (system.tag.read("[.]Tags".value)

Are you sure there’s nothing else assigning to myList elsewhere in your code?
If you add a logging statement (system.util.getLogger("debug").info(str(myList)) immediately after you assign myList to the pyDataset, does it have the right value?

Thank you for the respone PGriffith. I didn’t do anything different but today for some odd reason that syntax line is able to read the dataset.

Appreciate your help.