UDT template group sync

I have a component group inside a template.
I want certain paths inside the group to change their fill color according to a custom property of the template…
How could I bind a template property to a number of specific groups that will need to be changed together according to a custom property that I would also like to link to a UDT.

Unless I’m missing something, you could make the custom property of your template a UDT type and then bind the properties of the group(s) to that UDT.

Did this.
Everything so far is working, amazingly…
I have cut down my load times for huge layouts from 2 minutes to under 2 seconds by using custom group pallets and I realized that groups can have custom properties as well!

Now I’ve got components linked to UDTs indirectly to link all my information automatically…Seems to work like a charm.
I only had to read your sentence 3 times to figure this out too.