UDT transform by disable of members

Good day!

I am have a problem with enabling (disabling) a tags by changing the “.Enable” tag property.

Ignition 8.0.18, OS windows 10

There are several UDT tags that are part of another UDT tag. The outer UDT tag also contains a register (memory int) that determines which elements of the structure should be enabled and which ones should be disabled.

When the register is changed, a data change script occurs then copies data from the tag register (bits true/false) to the parameters of the outer UDT, the parameters (string variables) are used to bind “.enable” property of the internal UDTs tags.

The problem is as follows. Specific OPC Tag has the status enable, but the value is of Bad_disbled quality.

tag property

Could someone suggest this is a bug that has been fixed in a newer version, or it is bad solution of transform UDT?

What happens if you override the enabled property of that Value tag? Does the quality show the correct values?

You are right! if i directly write values - all work fine.

@PGriffith might be able to shed some light perhaps? Something to do with when these bindings are executed I assume, only once after saving the UDT is my guess. In which case you might need to do this in a change event script instead

Although using UDT parameters within opcitempath will update if you modify the param value by writing to it… I’m not sure now