UDT Value Source Changed Itself to Memory


This morning I noticed that for a couple of UDTs who’s tags come from several instances of a controller’s OPC-UA server that I configured a long while ago, the Value Source changed itself from OPC to Memory… I’m guessing this happened after a past Ignition upgrade(?)

What’s really weird is that in the tag browser, the value’s are still coming through as if they were configured as OPC tags…

Anyone else experiencing this?

When I change the tags Value Source from Memory back to OPC, the Data Type, OPC Server and OPC Item Path properties come back how I initially set them up so I have resolved.

Still curious as to why this happened in the first place.

Interestingly, it wasn’t all tags in the UDT that this happened with only tags in certain folders…

Sounds like something to discuss with support as it may be a bug.

Anything captured in the audit log?