UDT's, Tag Browser Tree and Easy Chart

I have only been working with Ignition for about 10 months now.

We currently have a system set up with multiple UDT tags to monitor equipment. I am attempting to set up a way to view trends on all of these UDT’s in one central location using a tag browsing tree. However, since most of our UDT’s have a tag named dValue, when the tags are pulled into the Easy Chart, is displays:

Tag Pen:
dValue2 and so on

Is there a way to reference the Tag Name of the top level UDT?
Such as UDT used: PDU:
PDU A/Phase A Amps/dValue or PDU A/Phase A Amps

This way we would be able to differentiate the trend value.

Thanks for the help in advance!

You could override the onTagsDropped() extension function on the EasyChart. You would have to construct a row for the tagPens property from scratch, but you can implement any part of it as you see fit.