UI Font in Tag Panel

In Ignition 7, the font used in the Tag panel supported a broad set of Unicode characters such that I could display, for example, Chinese text. With Ignition 8, the font does not support these characters, and boxes are displayed instead. This is hampering my testing of UTF / Unicode support for my client’s product. Any way to change the font?

CJK support is opt-in, because the language files are massive - you (currently) have to manually install Google Noto’s CJK fonts for things to work properly, but we do want to improve this process in the future:

No joy. Installed all the Noto fonts, and the Chinese text still isn’t showing.

Windows 10 Pro 1809 17763.437 64-bit, if it helps.


Okay – just dove into other threads and saw all the stuff about installing in JVM files…

@mikeg installing the fonts as fallbacks should do the trick here.