UI Framework using neumorphism

Hey there, I haven't posted in a few years. Something I am curious about.
I have seen this in a few places and didn't know the terminology to discuss it.
Its a UI design called neumorphism. I think it would be neat to see an ignition project built on this pattern.
Its not necessarily "high performance" but I can see some vendors incorporating it into their design strategies. I am sorry to say it but it feels more "friendly" and dare I say....Fisher Price. It also reminds me of AI art. Its kind of off topic of any problem so I am not expecting a huge response. So to frame this in more of a how to related question. How would I make a perspective app in maker based on this library : ui-neumorphism

Disclaimer-- with this framework being more visually user friendly; my wife is way more likely to use something I create for " Home Use".....

Looks like you just need to blur some shadows and you are all set

I'm not a fan of that library, something like this looks ok though (to me - still a bit over shadowy though):

It wouldn't be too hard to make a bunch of Perspective Styles to style your components like this :man_shrugging:

What would take more time, at least for me, is if you wanted to have animations on things

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its not to hard to copy some of the styles into the stylesheet. you'll just have to change the selectors to match the ignition ones

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Anyone using the new office 365? How about has anyone seen the show on Netflix called"paradise"?? I'm noticing more of the neumorphism UI design in the wild ....