UIManager and making 8.1 look like 7.9?

I am doing something wrong as this isn't working and am wondering if anyone who has more experience with UIManager can help me out.

I am updating a 7.9.9 project to 8.1.25 and my customer realllly wants everything to look the same.

My main issues are windows that were not set a background color are now lighter (250,250,251) and same with buttons.

My knowledge is pretty limited with regards to UIManager but in my 8.1.25 version I was able to look through all UIManager.getDefaults() and looked for anything that had a ColorResource of (250,250,251). Then I took the keys, went to the 7.9 version and saw what the values were there and got a list.

My end result in my 8.1.25 client startup script is

from javax.swing import UIManager
import javax.swing.plaf.ColorUIResource
#UIManager.put("Synthetica.background.blendMode", "ALPHA")
UIManager.put("Workspace.background", javax.swing.plaf.ColorUIResource(208,206,203))
UIManager.put("Panel.background", javax.swing.plaf.ColorUIResource(238,236,232))
UIManager.put("JideLabel.background", javax.swing.plaf.ColorUIResource(238,236,232))
UIManager.put("CollapsiblePane.contentBackground", javax.swing.plaf.ColorUIResource(243,241,239))
UIManager.put("Label.background", javax.swing.plaf.ColorUIResource(238,236,232))
UIManager.put("JideTabbedPane.background", javax.swing.plaf.ColorUIResource(246,246,247))
UIManager.put("DockableFrame.background", javax.swing.plaf.ColorUIResource(238,236,232))
UIManager.put("JideTabbedPane.tabAreaBackground", javax.swing.plaf.ColorUIResource(246,246,247))
UIManager.put("ColorChooser.swatchesDefaultRecentColor", javax.swing.plaf.ColorUIResource(238,236,232))
UIManager.put("control", javax.swing.plaf.ColorUIResource(238,236,232))
UIManager.put("SplitPane.background", javax.swing.plaf.ColorUIResource(238,236,232))

But literally everything looks identical. I don't know that what I did actually changes anything. What am I doing wrong here ? Or is this sort of thing not feasible

It's this one. @PGriffith probably has a better memory and more knowledge, but Synthetica is both missing many of the UIManager properties that would be needed all together and ignores some others I think.

If this were possible it would have already been posted about by now.

Really, just bite the bullet and adjust to the new theme as necessary. This is not worth your time.

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Fair enough. I have multiple projects I'm bringing from 7.9 to 8.1 so I was hoping it would be.