Ultra Low Memory Client

I’m looking for some memory management help. I have a client that I want to launch, however it is on a system with strict memory management requirements. I want to ensure the client can consume no more than somewhere in the range of 40-80 MB ram.

Unfortunately the project properties do not allow me to go below 64M, that plus the java wrapper puts me running around 110-130M memory. I tried modifying the JNLP, but was still not able to get much improvement.

The client project itself is very minimal and used to display only 2-3 tags and ~5 seconds poll rate. Its primary purpose is to provide remote execution and control over some programs on the client system.

Any suggestions on how to “strip down” a project and turn it into a flying gas can would be greatly appreciated. Our fallback plan is to write a windows tray application in C# to perform the necessary functionality, but I would rather use Ignition for all I can. In the end I will have about 150 of these clients running.

My first thought was maybe a mobile client (use of VNC or similar), but 150 of those at once may be a bit taxing on the server.

That was supports suggestion as well. :smiley: yes, way to taxing for mobile and in this case not possible as I need the client to execute things in the command line on the local Windows machine. (I don’t think mobile can do that).

Ignition is going to send all possible module jars to the client. Consider setting up a server with just the modules you need – strip out reporting, sfc, etc. Basically, kill any module with client scope that you don’t need for these displays.

Interesting, I did not know that. It is worth a shot, although unfortunately that would require me to license another gateway. I’ll try doing it this week.

For a simple screen with 3 tags, you may try using the webdev module.

I really want to, but I need access to local system resources to be able to launch external programs via command line and write files to the disk of the client.