Unable to Activate License - Not Yet Valid

This one is strange! brand new install of Ignition couple of days old, it has access to the internet and I have applied the Maker license from the web site. When I go into “manage” it displays under the gateway IP my routers external public internet IP address and “last seen” anywhere between 5 and 30 minutes ago. On the ignition server under licensing it has the error "Not yet valid (now=‘2020-09-01T07:36:01.515684600Z’, nbf=‘2020-09-01T07:40:10.722Z’) … but it keeps shifting the nbf value forward in time!!! … so my license never becomes valid! computer clock is in sync with the “internet” … Anybody got any ideas .

my mistake … it was not time synched to Internet… it is domain joined and the virtual PDC it was synched to was physical host time synched which had drifted 4 minutes. Fixed the PDC to use external NTP, which fixed the time, which fixed the license.


I just had exactly the same issue, so I definitely appreciate you posting the solution!