"unable to alter ownership" message when upgrading Ignition 8.1.20

Hi all,

I was trying to upgrade from Ignition 8.1.9 to 8.1.20. However, I have been seeing “unable to alter ownership” message whenever I run the installer.

I am running the upgrade as an Admin and I checked that I have all the required permissions.

Any ideas on how to solve this?

Can you look for the install.log file?
It should either be in the install directory or in your user profile directory:

If you continued it will be in the install directory as install.log, otherwise in your user folder under .ignition/install/install.log

Is it this one?

install.log (241.4 KB)

Yes, that’s it.
It looks like it might be an issue with filename/filesystem encoding:
java.nio.file.NoSuchFileException: C:\Program Files\Inductive Automation\Ignition\data\projects\.resources\33ae33c645ac06ff52a3042쒯䬑ǘハ彬䬑ǘハ彬䬑ǘ秥䴖塅ǘ

I’ll get this in front of the relevant people on the team to see if there might be some workaround.

Hello All,

I´m facing the same issue trying to upgrade from 8.0.18 to 8.1.22 .

Have you found any workaround?

You should contact support.