Unable to browse Ignition OPC-UA Browser after restoring a gateway backup v7.9.x

Good afternoon,

I am running v7.9.13 and have a gateway backup taken from v7.9.4. When I restore this gateway backup and successfully setup my device on it I am unable to browse any devices under Tag Browser -> Ignition OPC-UA Browser.

Any thoughts here are much appreciated.

After some more testing I’ve still not found a solution:

Steps I’ve taken:

Fresh install of 7.9.4 -> Import project exported from 7.9.4 -> everything works
Straight upgrade to 7.9.10 -> “no matching endpoints”

Fresh install of 7.9.10 -> Import project from 7.9.4 -> “no matching endpoints”

You might need to run through the endpoint discovery for the OPC UA connection again.

If that doesn’t work make sure the OPC UA Server settings are good for the machine you restored the backup on. It could be configured for an IP address that doesn’t match the machine you restored to.


Yes, we’ve found this necessary on several upgrades, though I don’t recall exactly which versions. It’s now the first thing I check if an OPC UA connection isn’t working after upgrade.

The only other OPC UA issue we’ve had on upgrade is from v7.9.12 to 7.9.13. We had to enable security (and accept the certificates from Ignition) on a couple older OPC UA servers from another vendor to avoid an error stating nonce must be greater than 32 kB. They were working with no security on previous versions. Newer OPC UA servers from the same vendor did not produce this error.

Yeah… this validation check just started happening recently but I’m exploring ways it can be relaxed.

It turns out there are more non-compliant servers out there than expected and unless you’re using username/password authentication along with the unsecured channels it seems like the nonce validation can be relaxed.

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Yeah, I expected it was something along these lines as the newer Beckhoff TwinCAT OPC UA servers didn’t have an issue. We’re moving towards securing more of this stuff anyway, so no big deal.

Ok, I was able to go through endpoint discovery and the issue was resolved.

I will say that as a novice user the process of doing so and the purpose of the endpoint is not intuitive or easy to understand. Not blaming you guys per se but just stating the obvious for us novices.

Thanks for the help though. I sincerely appreciate it.

Yeah, and it doesn’t help that at some certain version as @witman mentioned it stopped working for some configurations. But that change was to hopefully make it more reliable, and then again with 8 it should be fairly bulletproof on new installs (for the loop back connection to Ignition’s own server, anyway).

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