Unable to configure Vision Client Launcher - "No Launch-able Vision Projects"

I have a project created and can launch it from the Designer (Tools > Launch Project).
When I open the Vision Client Launcher > Add Application, my project appears on localhost:8088. I highlight it and hit the “Select Gateway” button and I get “No Launch-able Vision Projects”.


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Does your project have a main window?

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Yes it does, and it opens when I launch from designer.

This can happen in a few scenarios:

  1. there is no main window with at least 1 component (like a button) on it
  2. if the project is set to be hidden from the launcher in the project settings.

Could you confirm both of those things?

Both confirmed…

Is the project inheritable? forgot about that one. If its inheritable its not launch-able either

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That was it!

Not at all obvious that one…


Think “Inheritable” => “Library” and it’ll make more sense.

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