Unable to connect to gateway

Hi ,
I am currently using the ignition 8.1.11. I can launch the vision client on the same machine. but when i tried to access the gateway on other machine vision launcher keep on retrying the connection. Vision client launcher is version 1.1.11. I tried to look into the gateway setting under config > gateway network… it doesn’t seem to make any difference so far. I did looked into the help for ignition 8.1 so far unable to find if there is any setting which needs to be altered.

Are the two computers on the same subnet? Can you ping the Ignition server computer from the client computer?

Hi Witman,
Yes i can ping the computer from client computer without any issue

Can you post screenshots of client config showing server address as well as a screenshot of server config showing IP address? I’m not sure what’s preventing your connection; this is the first thing I’d check carefully.

I’d guess this relates to the server on VMware. Hopefully someone more familiar with that will have some suggestions on what to check.

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Hi I found other post where it was indicated that port 8088 needs to be opened under firewall settings of VM. I have done that now it is working…
Thanks a lot.

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