Unable to create a shortcut for "Project Name"

On a certain users computer when every they launch a project they receive a message from java saying “Unable to create a shortcut for ‘Project Name’”.

I have tried clearing the temporary java files with no change.

When I run the java console I see the following:

The console does not progress and the project does not launch until i click ok to the java error message box.

any ideas on how to get the shortcut to be created?

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Usually, it has to do with permissions to create a file on the desktop. Sometimes, you have to run the browser or the application in administrator mode.

Hi Jonathan,

Travis is right. as usual.

This is a common problem in a Domain setup of pc’s, i.e. were the PC in question is part of a Domain and the logged on user doesn’t have the permission to run java items.
You will have to get IT involved to allow that user to use java or
better yet setup a group called ingition_users for example in the Domain and make certain users part of this group.
this group then will have additional right to use java / javaw.

Hope this helps
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Permissions to what specifically? I changed the permissions on his desktop folder to allow full control to “everyone” with no change. The permissions apparently need to be changed on something other than his desktop folder. The other thing is when this user uses a different workstation the shortcut is created just fine. it must be something specific to this particular workstation.

I also tried uninstalling all versions of java and installing the most current 6 update 30. I also tried deleting his cached windows profile on the local machine with no change.

Hi Jonathan
It’s not the folders permission of the Desktop that is causing the problem,
it’s the users permission to use java or the web-browsers permission to use java items or there can be a firewall permission also.
Try and log in as an administrator on the same pc and see does this resolve the problem.

Question is the user a local user or a domain user?

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Yes, if i login as my domain administrator account that does not have a roaming profile or folder redirection setup java will create an icon for my user.

The user with the problem is a domain user with a roaming profile and folder redirection setup.

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Try using a different webbrowser e.g. firefox if that is possible.
The roaming profile can cause issues where the same user logs in at different workstations, especially if they are logged in at the same time.
Are they logged in at the same time, has that user the application already open, this will cause a file overwrite error since the same user is already logged in and the profile is trying to sync.
quick fix is to turn of roaming profile or to add an exclusion within roaming profile to stop the sync of the jnlp created shortcut.

I’m curious - does launching a Staging version of the project cause the same problem? (you’ll have to configure a project to use manual publishing mode, and then find the staging launch links under the “view” link for the project)