Unable to create shortcut from Vision Client Laucher Ignition 8.0.2

I’m using ubuntu-18.04.2-desktop-amd64, Ignition 8.0.2

I’m trying to create a shortcut from Vision Client Launcher of my project, however this shortcut never creates. I have tried to create a shortcut from the designer and it works well, it creates a shortcut on the desktop and launch designer. This don’t happen when I try from the Vision Client.
I tried to call my project using the terminal but I get an error “Launch Error: Specified Vision Application no longer exists”

comand: ./visionclientlauncher.sh application=myproject

It’s just a shotcut. Help

Hi @jespinmartin1,

For the first part of your post, is there anything in the logs about failing to create a shortcut? The log file should be at ~/.ignition/clientlauncher-data/visionclientlauncher.log

Does the Vision Client Launcher contain the application that you are attempting to launch? Is the application still named myproject? both of these requirements must be met for a shortcut to work on the 8.0+ launchers.

Jonathan C

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Hi @jcoffman, thanks for your reply.

I fixed this problem a it was due to a corrupted file on image path, after I managed the project image path. It seems like at the first attemp of creating a shortcut caused the image (.png) on the path to became a corrupted file since Vision Laucher crashed. Fortunately I had a backup of this image that I placed on the same path. I can assure that the image was integral before this bug because it could opened it.

For answering your questions. There wasn’t any log about creating the shortcut. Vision Client Laucher does contain the application and it was named “myproject”.

Thanks @jcoffman