Unable to create Vision Client Tags

Following the manual and IU videos, creating a vision client tag should be as easy as right clicking in the “vision client tags” tag browser, selecting create new tag and selecting vision client tag.

When I follow this procedure, the “new tag” drop down list does not include vision client tags. The only selection I can make is " browse devices.

What settings do I need to change to allow for the creation of Vision Client Tags? Im using Ignition 8.1.5

You selected Vision Client Tags for the provider and then it doesn’t act like this?

Yes, I selected vision client tags as the provider, but when right click the “new tag” option is greyed out.

Hmm. Is the Vision workspace selected up in the Project Browser pane?

Not sure what else could be going on…

Yeah the Vision workspace is selected.

Do you see a “Client Tag” option if you click the plus sign to the left of the “Vision Client Tags” dropdown?

No I don’t see “Client Tag” listed there, it only shows “Browse Devices”.

I just backed up the gateway from my localhost, and restored it to an external network host and now I’m able to create client tags in the designer. Any ideas why this is the case?

Maybe the 2 hour trial needs to be reset on your localhost? I don’t think the trial impacts these selection options in the Designer but this is the only thought that comes to mind with this behavior…

I have logged in/out of the gateway, restarted the gateway and made sure the trial was reset already. Nothing helped unfortunately.

Maybe try a fresh Ignition install on your localhost and see if that makes any difference? Sounds like you already have a gateway backup, so you’re good there.

I’d just give support a call and let them look at it. Something weird is going on, maybe a focus issue in the UI or something… not sure.

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Turned out to be very simple solution. Click the refresh button in the tag browser with Vision Client Tags selected as the provider.


Thanks - refresh fixed it for me too

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I can confirm that this is still an issue in 8.1.19-rc1 licensed and a clean install.

The refresh procedure when the "Vision Client Tags" scope is selected solves the issue of not being able to create a vision client tag.

Probably worth updating from an older release candidate. Not sure if they patched anything, but I just tested and it is working for me in 8.1.24.