Unable to delete components

I have a coordinate container under which I cannot delete any components. They appear to delete but then instantly come back. Has anyone experienced this or found any way around it?

I haven’t seen the problem, but try Deep select first and then Delete. Make sure you’re not running in Preview mode.

Thanks for the reply. I have tried deep selecting both the container and specific components with the same result.

I get this error in the logs when I attempt the delete.

Is the component being created by a script?

No, just through the designer. I did find a binding on another component referring to that path in the error. I removed the binding. It still will not delete but it is giving me a new error now at least:

If you duplicate the view and try to delete, does the same error occur?
Try renaming the MapSelect component outside of the container.

The plot thickens. If I try to duplicate it, the copy is made then disappears quickly. I was able, however to wrap the components in question in a container then delete the component. When I try to delete the newly created container, it has the same behavior as the original component: it disappears for a second then reappears. Very strange.

Hm. Very odd. At least you were able to get rid of the component. The empty container shouldn’t hurt anything.

Hi, just had the same issue trying to delete a component on under the root level. Wrapping it and then deleting it worked for me too.