Unable to export store and forward quarantined items

The title says it all. I have a couple of quarantined items in store and forward. I need to export them to have a better understanding of what the issue is, but hitting the “Export” button simply does nothing. Is this a bug or a known issue? Could it be that the quarantined file is corrupted? Is it just my browser (tried multiple different ones). If anyone had this issue before please let me know. Thank you.

Check the browser’s devtools when you try to hit the export button. Specifically, the ‘Console’ tab should show some kind of error (if one is indeed occurring) and the ‘Network’ tab should show the outgoing request for the resource to download (to export).

Not sure if this is what you meant, but here's what I'm getting. Not sure what it means.. Could this be fixed?

Look in your gateway log. “500” errors mean the gateway choked on something while trying to prepare the download or HTML response.

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